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Most Common Causes Of Car Accidents In San Diego

San Diego County is known for its traffic congestion and slow commute times due to its location as a key transportation hub between California and Mexico. According to a San Diego brain injury attorney, thousands of individuals die in tragic accidents across the county each year, making driving a frightening and stressful experience. The following are some of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in San Diego:


No person likes being stuck in traffic. Unfortunately, San Diego traffic is frequently gridlocked. To make up for lost time, drivers disregard the speed limit and floor the gas pedal. Speeding is particularly hazardous on freeways, two-lane highways, and rural routes outside of the city. The frequency of speed-related accidents increased by 19% between 2017 and 2019.

Impaired Driving

Impaired driving is one more significant cause of motor vehicle accidents in California. Impaired driving is:

  1. Drunk Driving– The number of fatal crashes caused by intoxicated drivers reached an all-time high in 2021.
  2. Drugged Driving– In San Diego, where drugged driving has turned out to be a issue, the California Office of Traffic Safety has awarded the city a grant to assist in getting drugged drivers off the roadways.


Distracted driving has turned out to be a major challenge, thanks in part to technological advancements. As per a professional car accident lawyer in San Diego, almost every motorist has a smartphone or other device at their disposal, and it might be difficult for some to resist using them, especially in San Diego traffic. While it is unlawful to text, talk on the phone, or browse the web while driving, a lot of people still do so, putting themselves and others in danger.

Mobile phones are not the only source of distraction. They could be eating, drinking, conversing with a passenger, or even focusing too closely on the GPS or radio.

Fatigued Driving

In San Diego, a lot of accidents take place after dark. Drivers are more likely to be fatigued, which heightens the risk of a collision. The frequency of night time accidents in San Diego increased by 13% between 2018 and 2019.

Rear-End Collisions

At the same time as a lot of insurance providers regard rear-end collisions as a lesser mishap, even at modest speeds, rear-end collisions can lead to serious neck and back injuries. Speeding, distracted driving, and tailgating are the three most common causes of rear-end collisions. Needless to say, any combination of these could be to blame, such as following too closely at high speeds while driving inattentively.

Red Light Accidents

Red-light running is one of the most common causes of deadly car crashes. When a driver runs a red light and collides with an oncoming car, it is known as a red-light accident. For the reason that the unsuspecting driver will be concentrating on navigating through the intersection, a red-light collision might easily catch them off guard and cause massive injury or death.

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