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Why Negotiations Are tough After a Truck Accident 

If you have been involved in a truck accident which wasn’t your fault and it has left you injured, it is important that you speak with a truck accident lawyer to file for compensation. There is obligation to use a lawyer here, and you could represent yourself if you so wished. When people ask however we always suggest that you use an expert lawyer, and there are many reasons why. One particular aspect of the case where a lawyer really earns their worth, is in the negotiation stage, and here is why.

Looking For a Settlement 

Most cases of personal injury law are settled rather than taken all the way to the courtroom. This is the best option for all involved in the case, including the clients. Everyone wants the case to be wrapped up quickly and the defense attorneys can make a one time payment and move on, the victim’s team can do the same and a client will be happy to receive their money as quickly as possible. Any settlement however has to be reached, and in order to do that, both legal teams need to be in agreement, as well as the client.

Multiple Negotiations 

In trucking accidents there can be a number of liable parties, such as the truck driver and the trucking company, or perhaps even the trucks manufacturer. This is going to be a headache for the lawyer who is representing you, as they will have to negotiate with all parties in reaching a deal. This is both time consuming and stressful and it is certainly a job which lawyers will be able to do far better than any of us ever could.

Difference In Value 

It is also important to note that the insurance companies have the aim of paying out as little money as they possibly can, even if there is an admission of guilt from their client. Lawyers however will know just what the case is worth and they will also have the confidence which the strength of the case they have built gives them. Often these negotiations start with two very different figures, and it can get tense when it comes to actually settling on a single amount.

Strategies and Games

It is very difficult to hoodwink or outsmart a lawyer who is a specialist in their field, but this is something which could easily happen to you if you are representing yourself. Insurance company lawyers could make legal threats or try to sneak terms into the settlement agreement which you may fall for. A lawyer however will not make mistakes or tolerate such behavior and this is why you need them on board when the time comes to negotiate a settlement agreement.

Given that more than 88% of all personal injury claims are settled out of court, you are certainly going to need a lawyer for the negotiations if you want to get the most compensation for your claim.