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Things To Consider When Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit

You may be wondering how to file a car accident lawsuit. This article covers some of the most important aspects of such cases. It covers Damages awarded for pain and suffering, loss of consortium (sexual relationships), and income. Also, this article addresses Preliminary motions and Counterclaims. By the time you finish reading this article, you should have a clearer understanding of how to file a car accident lawsuit. To help you get started, read on for some useful tips.

Damages awarded for loss of consortium

The damages awarded for loss of consortium are meant to compensate the family member who was not able to participate in the victim’s life after the crash. This loss can be both physical and emotional. For instance, an injured spouse may no longer be able to take her dog out at night. These damages cannot be quantified or documented through medical bills. Therefore, they must be awarded at a reasonable amount.

Damages awarded for loss of income

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you might be wondering if you can receive compensation for your lost wages. Loss of income is one of the components of damages that can be recovered, but it’s important to keep in mind that this type of compensation is not guaranteed and is subject to many limitations. Fortunately, these factors can be considered by an Atlanta car accident attorney. If you’re unsure whether you can receive compensation for lost wages due to your accident, your attorney will help.

Do you have to go to court for a car accident? Sometimes yes, sometimes know. This is, again, a question your attorney can aid you with.

Preliminary motions

Preliminary motions in car accident litigation are requests made in court by both sides. They can be short documents (a page or less) or long, complex document that could fill a phone book. Lawyers who handle car accident litigation may draft and respond to motions for clients. While most cases do not involve complex legal issues, some may require substantial research and work on the part of the attorney. Here are some common examples of motions.


A counterclaim is a type of lawsuit where the other party files its own claim for damages before the full investigation of the incident is finished. A counterclaim is often filed by someone who wants to get monetary compensation even before a police report states that they were at fault. For example, if a car accident caused the death of a loved one, the defendant might use this strategy to get compensation for the loss of a beloved pet.

Evidence gathering

As a plaintiff, you need to gather all the relevant evidence to win a car accident lawsuit. Evidence can take many forms, including witness statements, medical records, prescription pain medicine bills, photographs of injuries and computer hard drives filled with videos of the accident and the effects it had on you and your life. Even if the accident is a minor fender bender, you can still gather evidence at the scene, including witness statements and photos of the vehicles involved.