Volunteer Luncheon at the Moose Lodge
Dec. 29, 2015

The Henderson UMC Food Pantry Staff wanted to thank our volunteers with a luncheon for all their help this year. Pastor Mary suggested to have it at the Moose Lodge and she set it all up.
It was a wonderful event and everyone there enjoyed themselves.
Thanks to everyone that helped out this year and we are anxious for 2016 and the possibilities.
Wanda, Irene, Eddie, Kathy and Albert Walter, Jacob ,Michelle and Bucky's back.
Walter, Samantha, Bucky, Javon, Terry and Mark  
Michelle had a camera and took pictures, they will be posted here at a later date.
Pastor Mary said that we could open the gift in front of is. This was a small thank you for all our hard work
A beautifully wrapped gift with a thank you attached. It was a mug with the word Joy or Merry or Faith on it.  Thank you Pastor Mary.
Samantha, Bucky, Javon, Terry and Mark Walter, Jacob, Samantha, Bucky, Javon, Terry and Mark
We had ham, choice of mashed or scalloped potatoes, carrots, roll and salad with choice of dressing.  It was delicious.
and cake for desert There were 6 centerpieces that were given at the end to 6 lucky volunteers that had the right number.
Everyone of the Food Pantry staff want to thank the volunteers and Pastor Mary for a wonderful year. We are looking forward to next year with God's blessing .
Henderson United Methodist Church 2013 - 2015