UMC Cooperative Ministry Meeting

October 21, 2017 (@ Henderson)

Meeting opened with prayer at 9:00am.


· Summer campership update – Bruce reported we have $2200 still in our campership account after spending $4500 for 2017 campership funds.
10 Congolese Association campers from First UMC and 12 from Henderson/San Juan.  We think there is still some money left over to start with next year.

· Matt is to contact Karen Seggi (Second Harvest) for a meeting regarding feeding issues related to Glenwood, Henderson/San Juan, Kingsley, and EUMA.  The goal is to get clarity on changes being made at the agency and how they might impact our various feeding ministries.  This did not get done yet (from 5/17 mtg)

· Celebrate Recovery is seeing about 20+ people on Sunday nights.  The band could use a drummer and they are considering adding another CR on Wednesday night.


· Campership fundraising:

o Donna Parkinson is going to organize a soup sale again (making soup Jan 18-20) with pick-up on the 20th.  She will provide the order forms and publicity to the churches

o We will host another dinner at Glenwood on Saturday, February 17.  Our target audience is the churches in the city (collaborative) but we will extend an invite to Linesville-Harmonsburg UMC (gave $1600 in campership funds to Henderson) and Harvest Family Church (Congolese) due to their connection with our camping efforts.  Todd Morton of Asbury has offered to provide entertainment.  Matt will reach out to the caterer from last year about doing it again for us. Matt and Bruce will organize, including publicity.

o Mary Stewart will develop a flyer that puts both activities on the same form

· We discussed at length the Erie Refocused plan, especially related to the east/west Bayfront code sweeps.  We determined that this is an area that, while important for our city, is not something we can tackle as a group but it best left to each church to determine their participation.

· Table of Grace has installed a Tae Kwon Do studio in their basement and offers classes through the Erie City Mission on Monday and Wednesday (3:30-6:00pm).  They could use help with transportation.

· Don Hullenbaugh is offering a chess club at East MS Tuesday and Thursday from 2:15-2:45 and is looking for adult chess players to help.

· Mary Stewart is pursuing a mission trip to Puerto Rico with San Juan church for hurricane recovery.

· Donna Parkinson is pursuing a mission trip to TX or FL for hurricane recovery. 

· Bruce Davis expressed thanks to the group for helping host the German Children’s Choir in October.



· Joint Christmas choir concert – Sunday, December 3 (3pm at Glenwood)

· Blue Christmas worship service – Thursday, December 21 (7pm at Glenwood)


Next meeting will by January 13 from 9-11am at Asbury.

Respectfully submitted - Matt Judd




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