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Children k through 6th grade 4 week summer reading program

Program is Monday thru Thursday June 12th July 13th
Meet at Henderson Ministry building at 8:30 am
Eat a healthy breakfast
Leave to go to Edinboro University by bus AT 9:30 am
Spend one hour in the classroom learning
Eat a healthy lunch
Enjoy one hour Outdoor activities
Followed by one hour working one-on-one with an Edinboro student
Eat a snack before returning to Henderson Ministry building
Arrive home 3:30 pm

Contact Rodney Cray 814-232-3758 more info


Monday June 12th
We had 40 children this morning at San Juan for breakfast at 8:30 to 10:30 they played outside before their parents came to get them.
There are 46 children signed up for this 4 week reading camp.  

Not quite as many showed up Tuesday  (34) BUT we got more signed up FIFTY ONE in all so tomorrow's schedule is
8:30 - 9:30 am breakfast at San Juan bus arrived 10am to 3pm kids at Edinboro 3:30 parents pick up children at San Juan.


Wednesday June 14th we had 46 children receive breakfast and head  off to Edinboro for a day of learning and fun.

  Edinboro University team  
The children received a T shirt
and a journal that they are to write their experiences in daily.

Thursday June 15th there were 40 children that received breakfast and rode the bus to Edinboro.  Children's reward was a string book bag given to each child that followed the directions of their intern.


Monday, June 19th we had 39 children for breakfast and then loaded on the bus to go to Edinboro.
We send with them sandwiches (bologna, turkey, ham  (with or without cheese) and PB & jelly) apples and grapes and a fruit drink.




Children at Edinboro in the gymnasium


June 20th Pancakes for the children for breakfast with orange, grape juice and milk

Joe and Merrilee made the pancakes and they wanted seconds they were so good.
And thanks to Tickles Deli the children had subs for lunch
  eggs and toast 
  cereal and milk
sandwiches 85 ready to go

Monday June 26th
 Get ready for an exciting day today Breakfast at San Juan UMC and then a bus ride to Edinboro where interns will work one on one with the children helping them with reading and fun activities  

  raisins or sour kids gum for a snack
Snack today is a choice between orange crush pop tart and A&W Root beer pop tart

June 28th
With pancakes and syrup ,orange or grape juice , cereal with milk under their belt 30 kids went to Edinboro today for a day of reading and fun activities. They took with them lunchables , huggie drinks and chocolate chip cookies for snack When they returned they received sour patch gum before going home  


June 29th Breakfast today was all about healthy.  We had apple, banana, grapes, chocolate milk,  pop tarts,  orange juice or grape juice available for 37 children. Thanks to Michelle and second harvest for looking out for us

June 30, 2017  We wish you a Happy 4th of July and we will see you on July 5th at 8:30 am




Henderson United Methodist Church 2017