On June 15, 2015    Frank Juhasz and the prayer group Son of God gave our church a cross built especially for us. We gathered outside and sang songs and prayed.

Frank shared with the group how as driving by our church he was inspired by God to build a cross and put it in our yard behind our church sign.
 He came to the Ministry building and talked to us about it and we said Yes, and thank you. He built this cross and then contacted us for a day that would be best for everyone. Well today was that day.
Members of Henderson and San Juan, neighbors and family and friends all came to help us  put up the cross.
They carried it along Buffalo Road to San Juan UMC and walked down the driveway between our church and San Juan singing songs.
Pastor Mary Stewart said a blessing for our cross and the group that gathered.
They continued up Camphausen Ave to Buffalo Road where they started and then placed the cross in a hole that had been dug for our cross.
Its not an easy job getting that cross to line up and stand straight.
But they did it and then secured it in the ground with cement and dirt.
We then gathered in the Ministry building for cake and coffee and drinks and a wonderful fellowship.
Thank you again to Frank and his group for this wonderful cross.



Henderson United Methodist Church 2013 - 2015