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2013 Issue 10

Reflections from Ray ~ October 2013

   Jesus knew about the power of good habits. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is saying to cultivate these good habits in your life, like humility, compassion, mercy, righteousness, and peacemaking. But we also recognize that bad habits devastate us and can rip us apart. That’s pretty much what happened to Zacchaeus as described in Luke 19. Bad habits of greed and selfishness imprisoned him and cut him off from other people and from God. But when God came into Zacchaeus’ life, what an impact!
In Zacchaeus, we see how we can change our habits and change our lives.

Author James Moore describes four specific steps to break a bad habit. Step one is to recognize your bad habit and call it by name. Call it what it is and be honest with yourself, even if the truth hurts. Before meeting Jesus, Zacchaeus rationalized his actions, but now in the presence of Christ, they seemed so flimsy and weak. He now saw himself as a traitor to God and to his people. He saw himself as one who had become rich at the expense of others. Don’t whitewash it. See it for what it really is.

Second, make up your mind to stop it NOW. Habits are formed subtly and gradually but often must be stopped abruptly ~ cold turkey. It’s not enough to say, “I won’t tell as many lies as I did yesterday.” We need to say, “I will not be a liar anymore!” When Zacchaeus came down from that sycamore tree, he committed to change and do better – not tomorrow, but right now.

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Something New
This month’s newsletter includes a section called “Memory Avenue”. It is my hope that this becomes a regular feature but that depends on the recollections of our readers and if you care to share. So if this appeals to you, let me hear from you. To get the memories flowing, I asked my daughters to tell me some things that they remembered about their connection to Henderson UMC as children. Read what one had to say on page 4.

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