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2014 Issue 5

Reflections from Ray  ~  May  2014

      Sometimes we complain about our problems instead of seeing them as opportunities. The problem you face will either defeat you or develop you, depending on how you respond. Most people fail to see how God wants to use problems for good in their lives. They react foolishly instead of pausing to consider what benefit they might bring. I want to share five ways that God can use the problems you encounter in everyday living.
First, God uses problems to DIRECT you. Sometimes God must light a fire under you to get you moving. Problems often point us in a new direction and motivate us to change. Is God trying to get your attention ? Sometimes it takes a painful situation to make us change our ways.
Second, God uses problems to INSPECT you. People are like tea bags. If you want to know what’s inside them, just drop them in some hot water ! What do problems reveal about you ? When you have many kinds of troubles, these troubles test your faith and this will give you patience. The testing of your faith produces endurance according to James 1: 2 – 3.
Third, God uses problems to CORRECT you. Some lessons we learn only through pain and failure. It is likely that as a child, your parents told you not to touch a hot stove. But you might have learned by being burned. Sometimes we only learn the value of something. Such as health, money, or a relationship, by losing it. Later we can say, “It was the best thing that happened to me,” for it taught me to pay attention to Your laws.
Fourth, God uses problems to PROTECT you. A problem can be a blessing in disguise if it prevents you from being harmed by something more serious.

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