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2014 Issue 3  Feb / March

Reflections from Ray  ~  February 2014

     With February, my thoughts turn to several special days we celebrate, such as Groundhog day, Valentine’s Day, and President’s Day.  For three years, when I was in 8th, 9th, and 10th grade, my family lived near Punxsutawney, the home of Phil, the famous weather prognosticator.  It is silly yet fun to watch the local dignitaries go to Gobbler’s Knob in their tuxedos to flash bright lights at the poor groundhog who is chained behind the door so that he cannot escape.  At least the rest of the year he gets to live in an attractive house in front of the local library with creature comforts.  We chuckle at such crazy superstitions as we hope for only six more weeks of winter, especially this year !  But if we want Spring to be “just around the corner”, then we better drive to another climate.  The coldest winter I remember was in the late 80’s when I put a blanket on top of my car engine with hopes it would be more likely to start in the morning.  I also put a post-it-note on the steering wheel, so I wouldn’t forget to open the hood and remove the blanket before turning on the ignition.

     The main holiday we celebrate in February is of course Valentine’s Day.  Speaking of love, have you ever thought of love and weather ?  For instance when it gets really cold, we tend to think a lot about keeping ourselves warm.  There’s nothing wrong with doing that, except whenever we hug only ourselves and not others.  This isn’t related to just weather.  It also has to do with how selfish we can be.  That is when our love really cools down.  Think of how often we hear the saying, “It’s really a cold world out there !”  That is not talking about the weather as much as about how unloving some people are, like being uncaring, thoughtless, or downright cruel.  There’s far too much of that type of coldness in the world !  Have you ever felt like somebody gave you “the cold shoulder” ?  It hurts.  The warmth of friendship is fulfilling when we love each other with a love that really cares !  Our world needs to be warmed that way.  Let’s do all we can to make this a warmer world ~ and I’m not talking about the weather !

                                        Pastor Ray

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