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2013 Issue 3

March 2013 ~ Reflections from Ray

Lent is a great time for self-examination: to take an honest look at where we are in our life to reorder our priorities. Take a fresh look at yourself, long enough to know where you are in your character development. Right now, what qualities are you building into your life ? What are you doing currently to shape the person you are becoming ?
Eventually each of us will be remembered for certain characteristics that could be captured in a phrase or two. For instance, mention the name of Abraham Lincoln, and many of us think, Honest Abe. What about some characters in Scripture ? Enoch is characterized as a man who walked with God. David is considered as a man after Godís own heart. The apostle John is considered as the disciple whom Jesus loved.
Characterizations are almost always based on life patterns. How we live ~ our daily practices ~ our habits ~ these are the contributing factors to the kind of character we are developing. In fact, you might best be known by the habits you keep, or the consistent things about you that mark your character. I donít know about you, but itís a thought that motivates me to do some serious evaluation. Just what are my habits ? What are the distinctions or qualities that mark my character ? How do my life patterns align with the expectations of Jesus ? And yes, I believe He has some expectations ! He loves us too much to let us stay the way we are ! People act like it doesnít matter, but I believe there are ramifications for our decisions.

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