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Founded as Henderson Memorial Methodist Church in 1922, it has always been a neighborhood church, helping its members and neighbors.


The Henderson Memorial Methodist Church began construction in 1921, under the direction of Rev. John Galbraith then Pastor of the Wayne Street Methodist Church. In 1921
 Mr. James A. Henderson made a gift to the new congregation of a house and lot on the corner of Camphausen Avenue and Buffalo Road. The lot is where the present church now stands.
In addition he gave a gift of $500.00
The first service in the new sanctuary was held Nov. 19, 1922 with fifty charter members transferring from the Wayne Street church.
Rev. John Galbraith served as pastor of Wayne St. and Henderson, holding services in the afternoon at Henderson until the spring of 1923.
In Sept of 1923 W. H Downing was appointed the first pastor.

After much confusion as to the future of Henderson church, it was made the headquarters of the South East Erie Mission in 1964.
It was in this year that the church was integrated but even more significant than this, it became a powerhouse in the community,
reaching out and serving not only the Spiritual but the Cultural and Physical, Educational and Psychological needs of the community.
The Wayne Street church from which it became a church is now a second point of the South East Erie Mission.
The Methodist Youth Fellowship met every Monday evening with an active integrated group of between 10 and 15 young people.
There were about 80 enrolled in the Sunday School.

Henderson's Pastors

Wallie Hallock Downing 1923-1927;
L. G. Wayne Furman
Harry Keeler Steele 1928-1931; Clifford Abraham McEntarfer 1931-1935;
Artland Lynn Pardee
Erie: Lawrence Park/Henderson: James Lawrence Bensinger 1940-1943;
Howard L. Smith
Erie: Henderson: James Howard Anderson 1945-1949;
Stanley Byrd
John Herbert Clark
Arthur F. Brett
Ralph M. Metcalfe 1955-1961;
W. Wynn Warren
Richard Harry Joslin 1963-1964;
Melvin J. Pritts
South East Erie Mission/Henderson/Wayne Street: Thomas Lynn Funk 1966-February 1978;
Frank Robert James
Associate 1967-1971;
South East Erie Mission/Henderson: James Walter Hamilton Associate 1971-1975;
 Raphael Hassel Walton III Associate 1977-1981;
Douglas James Thompson February 1978-1986;
Juan Alberto Pons
Associate 1981-1983;
Chandler Danne Wolf
1986-June 22, 1987;
Beth Lynn Nelson
June 22, 1987-1989;
Henderson/Chaplain: Hamot Hospital: Stephen D. Rosendahl 1989-1991;
Walter Thomas, III Associate 1990-1991;
Friends of Faith Cooperative Parish: Henderson/Simpson/Tenth Street: Jane Elizabeth Myers 1991-1992,
Victoria Ann Wood Parrish, Barry Lemont Lewis Co Pastors 1991-1994;
Walter Thomas, III
Co-Pastor 1991-1993;
Tracey Dawn Orris-Leslie
1994-December 1, 1995;
Britt Jackson Leslie
Associate 1994-December 1, 1995;
Erie: Henderson: Tracey Dawn Orris-Leslie December 1, 1995-1996;
Diane Olsen 1996-1998;
Joseph Epperson
Erie: Cascade/Henderson: Clark A. Walz 2002-2004;
Stanley D. Nixson
August 1, 2004-2005;
Erie: Central (Erie: Henderson and Erie: San Juan): Jose Claudio 2005-2007;
Gretchen Marie Hulse
Mary Carole Maille Stewart 2008-2012;
Erie: Cascade/Simpson/Henderson/San Juan: Harry Raymond Speakman, Jr. 2012-2015.

Present pastor -  Henderson /San Juan  July 2015 Pastor Mary Stewart
This picture was taken in August 1951 outside of Henderson. The woman holding the baby (Edna) is (not yet) Pastor Jane Myers.

Reverend Warren performed the wedding of Quincy Walmer and Olive Case November 25, 1961



Thanksgiving Bulletin 1961

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