SUNDAY, JUNE 22, 2014

Today we celebrate the graduation of Silvana Dine and Harry Henderson. Watching them as they have grown and overcome the struggles life throws at them we wish them much happiness and success in the future.

Pastor Ray congratulates Silvana on her graduation. Silvana tells the congregation her plans for the future.
Harry was not able to be with us today, he is in Cleveland.  When he gets back we will give him his gift and congratulate him.

Brandy, Michelle and children decorated the mission hall with graduation decorations.

  Walter decorated a cake for our celebration
The windows are decorated with little graduation caps in black and gold
Central Tech colors.
The graduation caps are Hershey chocolate, Reese cup, Hershey kiss and  gummy worm on a stick  (tastes really good)
beautiful decorations and food vegetable platter
soft drinks punch
watermellon variety of chips
  tomato, onion and cucumber salad bowtie waldorf salad
Kathy's fruit desert Stuffing
Ham with pineapple Cynthia cuts the Italian bread
baked beans turkey
kids play with the balloons  
Everyone had a wonderful time.
Henderson United Methodist Church 2013 - 2014