Our DS Joe Patterson will be retiring in June of this year.  Bishop has appointed Dennis Swineford to take over.


Swineford Appointed Erie-Meadville DS

Announced: 02-05-2018

About Dennis W. Swineford
Rev. Dennis Swineford is a life-long United Methodist, baptized, confirmed, converted and called to ministry among the people of Grace United Methodist Church in Indiana PA. 

He is a graduate of Asbury College and Asbury Theological Seminary.  In 1993 he earned a Doctor of Ministry degree  from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary with a focus on stewardship programming.

Ordained a deacon in 1981 and an Elder in 1984, Rev. Swineford served five pastoral appointments across 36 years of ministry. The settings include rural, urban, small town and suburban areas, including the Titusville Bethel Charge (1982-1988); The Sharpsburg/Millvale Charge (1988-1993); Cabot UMC (1993-2003);  Bradford First UMC (2003-2010); and Bakerstown UMC (2010 to present). They include rural, urban, small town and suburban congregations.

"I have found each setting to be challenging and rewarding and each congregation to be a blessing," he said. "In each of my appointments I have worked with congregational leaders to discern the unique gifts and calling of each congregation to win and grow disciples of Jesus Christ.

My passions have been preaching and teaching God’s Word and developing congregational programs and projects that help people apply its values to to their daily living," he said. "I firmly believe that genuine faith can only be worked out through relationships with others, both within the congregation and with those not yet a part of the faith community.  Pastoral Care of individuals has been and remains a priority of my ministry."

Rev. Swineford has been married to Deborah, a United Methodist minister’s daughter, since 1979.  They were married by her father in one of his former Churches in Sebastian Florida.  After the service, Rev. Swineford said, his -new father-in-law shook his hand and said, “Well, at least she knows what she is getting into.” 

"We have been 'into it' together since and in each congregation Deborah has found her place of service," Rev. Swineford said. Her top priority, he added, has always been the discipling of their five children: Sarah Taylor (Nick); Hannah Daugherty (Jake); Rev. Rebekah Clapp (Ben);  Leah, a student at the Deaf Missions Training School in Council Bluffs IA, and Caleb, a student a CCAC.  Recently this task has expanded to include a growing contingent of grandchildren.