Church services and Children's  Christmas Party
Dec. 20, 2015

December 20th was the 4th Sunday of Advent


Sydney and Chandler light the 4 Advent candles
We were blessed with 31 children and 29 adults and 3 visitors at services today.
Pastor Mary's sermon was on Stable Time and she talked about how Jesus was born in a stable. Visitors from our Food Pantry,  Thank you for coming, please come again
Walter let Jalita help collect the offering during services today As we sang Praise God for whom all blessings flow..
Children's Time Pastor Mary tells the children a story of the Candy Cane
Each child received a candy cane Melissa led the children in Christmas carols
And the congregation sang along.
Then we all gathered at the Ministry building for the Christmas party  
we played Christmas Bingo and the winner won a candy bar
Some made a craft of an ornament for their tree. The finished product
We had cookies and breads baked or bought by members.
Lots of presents for the children from the Angel Tree at the Moose Lodge
And a wooden toy  (from Santa's Helpers) and a book (from Hooked on Books for kids) for each child.
The children were happy and thankful for the toys
Henderson United Methodist Church 2013 - 2015