December 15, 2016

At Second Harvest today picking up 3 pallets of Times Newsies Christmas boxes
We put them in the basement of our ministry building. Set them up for easy pick up

There's a smith's ham. smith's hot dogs, bag of instant oatmeal, Pkg of butter pasta,
box of Elbow Macaroni, box of beef pasta, box of cheesy tuna, box of scalped potatoes,
box of mashed potatoes, box of baking mix, box of brownie mix, box of apple crisp mix,
bottle of cranberry juice cocktail, can of chunky soup, can of beef stew, box of blueberry muffin mix,
box of crackers, bag of tuna, box of beef rice mix, box of macaroni and cheese,
bottle of buttermilk ranch dressing, jar of Kraft Mayo, can of meat flavored pasta sauce,
can of cut yams, can of apple sauce, can of beef ravioli, can of green beans,
can of whole corn, can of vegetable soup, jar of natural peanut butter, box of toasted oat cereal,
bottle of orange juice and a bag of snickers candy.
This is AWESOME.


Jacob and Brandy delivered some of the boxes to those that can't get out.


Thank you so much to our volunteers
Brandy, Walter and Jim who filled their trucks with boxes. Eddie, Dave, Adam, Michelle, Annea, Jacob, Samantha and Sue who unloaded the trucks and set up the food for distribution.  Sue and Michelle had a real system going so no one had to wait long to get their box.
We had 85 boxes and gave out all but a few, those left will be contacted to see if they can come get their box or given to another family.
This was God's blessing today.
Merry Christmas to All

Sue showing you what you missed!
Henderson United Methodist Church 2016