Church office Hours are  Mon - Wed - Fri  10 am - 2 pm       814-453-6041 


20th Tues Kingsley UMC WEB Women meeting 6:30 pm  All women invited
22nd Thurs Thanksgiving Day        Happy Thanksgiving to everyone God Bless you all!
23rd Fri No Office Hours or Bible Study
25th Sun Worship  9:30 am
28th Wed Pick up food from Second Harvest 8:30 am  
Food Distribution 11am - 1pm and 2pm - 4 pm
30th Fri Bible Study at 1 pm on Galatians at Henderson
1st Sat Decorate for Christmas, pot luck supper and make a craft 4-7 pm   Ministry bldg.
2nd Sun Worship and Communion  9:30 am  First Advent Sunday
5th Wed Pick up perishables from Second Harvest 8 am  
Food Distribution 11 am - 1 pm and 2 pm - 4 pm
7th Fri Pick up Senior Boxes at Second Harvest at 9 am    Boxes distributed 10 am  -2 pm
9th Sun Worship   9:30 am  Second Advent Sunday
14th Fri Pick up food at Second Harvest 8:30 am     Volunteer Appreciation Lunch 1pm - 3pm
16th Sun Worship  9:30 am  Third Advent Sunday    Celebrate Jesus birthday after church
19th Wed Pick up Perishables at Second Harvest 8 am
Food Distribution 11am - 1 pm  and 2pm - 4pm
23rd Sun Worship 9:30 am  Fourth Advent Sunday     Learn about Christmas in other countries
24th Mon Christmas Eve service 7 pm
25th Tues Christmas Day      Merry Christmas everyone
30th Sun Worship   9:30 am
31st Mon New Years Eve

Henderson United Methodist Church 2018