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Lectionary Readings: Jeremiah 32:1-3a, 6-15;
Psalm 91:1-6, 14-16 (UMH 810); 1 Timothy 6:6-19; Luke 16:19-31


Gathering Hymn                                                    UMH #657  

“Come! Come! Everybody Worship”

*Call to Worship                                                                     

Leader:   Rich or poor, in spirit or wealth;

All:         Healthy or ill, in body or soul;

Right:    Satisfied or hungry, in heart or mind;

Left:      We come to cool our tongues with the living water of Christ;

Leader:   We come to lay our world-weariness in the heart of God;

All:         We come having heard from the prophets;

Right:    We come having learned from the Christ;

Left:      We come believing he rose from the dead;

Leader:   We come convinced God is merciful to the repentant;

All:         We come — believers, seekers and the curious —

Right:    Hoping to feel the warm welcoming of God,

Left:      Hoping to hear the words of hope,

All:         And be touched by love eternal.  Amen.


*Hymn of Praise         “Blessed Assurance”              UMH #369



Leader:   God of the people and of the prophets,

              God of the pious and of the impolite,
God of the foolish and of the wise,
God of the desperate and of the arrogant,
God of the humble and of the bold,
God of the lonely, lost and mourning,
God of the joyous, stable and persistent,

People:  We are here now, be here with us,

              Be here in us, be here among us,

              Be here, where we are.  Amen.




*Praise Songs

                                          “Amen, Amen”                 TFWS #2072

                                          “As the Deer”                  TFWS #2025

                                        “Into My Heart”                TFWS #2160




Praises, Joys and Concerns


Pastoral Prayer and Lord’s Prayer




Offering of Tithes and Gifts to the Lord


Doxology and Prayer of Thanksgiving

                           “We Bring the Sacrifice of Praise”   TFWS #2031



Children’s Time


Epistle Lesson              1 Timothy 6:6-19                     page 1083


Gospel Lesson               Luke 16:19-31                          page 954


Sermon                           “No Regrets”                     Pastor Mary


*Closing Hymn     “When We All Get to Heaven”   UMH #701


*Dismissal With Blessing


Sunday, September 25  

            9:30 a.m.           Worship—Bible Sunday

            10:45 a.m.         Sunday School

                                    CROP WALK!!

Friday, September 30

            9:00 a.m.           Food Pick up

Sunday, October 2  

            9:30 a.m.           Worship—World Communion Sunday

            10:45 a.m.         Sunday School

Tuesday, October 4  

            12:00 noon       Food Pantry Volunteer Meeting

Wednesday, October 4  

            9:00 a.m.           Pick up Food

            12:30 p.m.        Food Distribution

Friday-Sunday, October 7-9

            Olmstead Retreat


Stromboli and Pie sale:  See Michelle Retzer.

Please sponsor our walkers in the CROP Walk!



Looking Ahead:

Sunday, October 16, 11:00 a.m.—Combined worship with San Juan and Trinity UMC from Clarendon.  Dinner will follow please see Mary Adams or Michelle Retzer to see what you can bring for dinner.

Worship Helpers for September:

Greeter— Betty Williams         Announcer—Kathy Fuller      
Scripture—Michelle Retzer              Ushers—Walter Porter/Youth

Counters—Margaret Harrison and Mary Adams

Worship Helpers for October:

Greeter— Ruby Hull               Announcer—Bill Stewart      
Scripture—Mary Adams              Ushers—Walter Porter/Youth

Counters—Margaret Harrison and Sandy Stewart

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