Oct 22, 2016 we gathered at First United Methodist Church of Butler Crossfire Campus to meet Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi

  our new bishop  
First UMC Crossfire Campus Welcome Entranceway to church
We are Marching to Zion Rev. Joel S. Garrett Rev. Eric S. Park
Bishop George W. Bashore Fijian Group  sang Rev. D. Renee Mikell
Rev. Raphael  K. Koikoi Jr read
Ezekiel 34:11-16 
Ms Denise Nicole stone read Psalms 100 Jesus Jimenez read Colossians 3:12-17
Bishop James Lafayette Hobby Jr. read John 21: 15-17

Rev. Joe Garrett and Ms Sharon Gregory 

Bishop Cynthia Moore-Koikoi and
 husband Rev. Raphael  K. Koikoi Jr
Rev. Alice Weaver-Dunn Rev. Paul D. Taylor Rev. Roy W. Gearhart gives the pastoral staff
Ms. Faith W. Geer gives the bible Mr. Grant Shoffstall gives the water Rev. Ross Pryor gives the bread and cup
Rev. Janet F Lord gives the towel and basin Rev. Sang K. Choi gives the stole Rev. Matthew R. Judd helps put on the stole
Rev. Jodie B. Smith gives the Book of Discipline Mr. Lawrence D. Bridge presents the gavel Welcome your Bishop
Pittsburgh First UMC Choir Bishop shared her first day at work and things that were asked of her.

She was asked to set the Dress Code and came up with "WPA Chic"  which she explained
 •Put on compassion – a heartfelt sympathy for the situations of others. We’ve got some folks trapped in poverty and addiction who need our compassion.
They need to see that we are dressed for the job.
•Put on kindness – active consideration for others’ needs. We have some children in our community who do not get their daily bread.
In fact there are whole schools full of children receiving free and reduced-price lunches. They need to see us putting on some kindness.
•Clothe yourselves with humility. Being able to count others as better than oneself. That means taking off an attitude of self-righteousness.
There are some individuals and whole communities in this annual conference that are suffering from low self-esteem.
They need to know that we think more of them than we think of ourselves.
•Dress yourself in meekness – or courtesy. Be considerate, and be willing to wave your own rights rather than being concerned about your own personal gain in relationships with others.
•Finally, put on patience -- Not becoming frustrated or enraged, but rather making allowances for others shortcomings and exasperating behavior.
Putting on patience means forgiving 70 x 7 times if that’s what it takes.
“Friends, we have a whole denomination that’s been dressing itself for a fight – a fight to determine who is right and who is wrong," Bishop Moore-Koikoi said.
 "We have a denomination that’s been dressing itself for schism.
The Bishop offered one other pointer: “With WPA Chic, you’re not allowed to be over-dressed.
 “You see,” she explained:
 •I don’t want you to put on too much compassion so that you shy away from accountability.
•I don’t want you to overdress with kindness and cease to be a good steward of what God has given you.
•I don’t want you to overdress with humility and deny the good gifts God has given you for ministry.
•I don’t want you to overdress in meekness so that you don’t speak up at the table.
•I don’t want you to overdress with patience so that you lose the sense of urgency that there is in fighting for justice and bringing social holiness to the land.

“We who are WPA Chic know just the right amount of clothes to put on,” Bishop Moore-Koikoi declared
Sometimes our dress helps us to show who we are, she said, but before we focus on attire, we must first know who we are.
“Western Pennsylvania – You are God’s chosen, holy and beloved! Adorn yourself accordingly,” she declared.


She knew that there would be a  transition from Baltimore Maryland to the WPA  area  but shared with us her biggest transition 
She showed her crying towel and then said if you don't think I am serious ... she opens her robe and shows her Steelers' Jersey  The crowd roared.
With her "Ravens" family in the front row. Rev. Dr. Vanessa Stephens Lee Bethany House Academy Drummers
  Ms. Tara Park and Mr. Byarr W. Meekins  
The breaking of the bread (Body of Christ) The pouring of grape juice (Blood of Christ) Rev. and Bishop take communion
She's a Steelers fan now! Bishop Bashore
As  at all Methodist events, there was tons of food Bishop took the time to meet and greet everyone that came by.

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