Margaret Harrison's Baptism and Reception into Henderson Church

June 29, 2014

Prior to the service starting Pastor Ray brought out a beautiful bowl and a pitcher and a mason jar. I asked if it was moonshine and he laughed. He said No, I brought some water that was warmer than the water here at the church. Didn't want to pour cold water on you.
We read from page 33 to 39 of The United Methodist Hymnal He said Do you and I said I Do.
My good friend Brandy took some pictures for me and these videos (may take some time to load)
Video 1 Pastor baptizes Margaret
After services we went to the Mission Hall. Walter brought a beautiful cake that we all shared in.
Pastor gave me a book and a dove coaster and a hand made very lovely card My certificate of Baptism and my certificate of membership
Michelle and Brandy and families gave me a beautiful necklace and card Kathy gave me a cup with the word Faith on it. Something I will cherish
Wanda gave me this beautiful card and a check. She said get something you need.  
I want to thank everyone at my church family, This meant so much to me. I live in the house that Henderson members helped build. I really feel like I belong.