UM Annual Conference 2016

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Annual Conference June 9 – 12, 2016

This was my first time going to Annual Conference. I had been told by Mary and Kathy what to expect. They said it was going to be long meetings and sitting on a hard metal chair. I came prepared with a cushion.
Arriving at Grove City College campus I was amazed how big it was and how beautiful. I took a lot of photos that I immediately put up on face book.
Getting registered and finding our dorm and riding a go-cart driven by very friendly people was an experience in itself. Our dorm room was at the far end of the hall and way away from the bathroom. Note to self, next year ask for a room closer to the bathroom.

Our dining hall was not the main eating area; the food was prepared and walked over there. I was impressed with all of the meals and took photos of all of them. Yep, put them on Facebook too.

I had never met Bishop Bickerton and now he was moving on and we were nominating someone else for the job. Spending two days listening to him preach and share memories of his 12 years, I am sorry I did not get to know him. I wish him well and what ever district gets him they are blessed.
When we get our new bishop I would like to meet him or her and get more involved.

Since coming back to this church I have asked the question why we were involved with a group of other churches. I did not understand the UNITED part of it. Seeing that many pastors and members in one area made it clear, we were part of a bigger picture.
I was impressed and moved by all the LOVE in the room and at times became emotional and a little jealous that our congregation wasn’t larger and closer.

Having meals with members from other churches and even ones in our area was pleasant and I learned a lot. I am excited to share my knowledge with my own church and hopefully bring that same feeling to them.

Meeting Adam Hamilton and hearing his story of how he started and grew his church to be as big as it is was some kind of fairytale. I can not imagine Henderson’s pews being full and people having to sit outside or have Pastor Mary’s sermon piped in over a loud speaker on a wide screen. Interesting concept and I am all for it, I will be there to help in any way I can. His tips for getting that many people into services weren’t anything I hadn’t heard before. I think that I just wasn’t open enough to use them properly. I say properly because we have the brochure and we did pass it out. We are friendly enough to invite people to services, we tell them about our programs and everyone knows how I brag about our food pantry. We could do so much more. I want to do so much more.

I met a lot of people and friended them on Henderson’s face book page. They shared photos and ideas from the conference. I saw Pastor Ray and he mentioned that he liked being able to see what was going on at Henderson through Facebook. Others I didn’t know came up to me and said Margaret right? Then their comment was, “We are friends with Henderson’s Facebook page”. So we are doing one of Adam Hamilton’s suggestions, the social media part. :) 

I want to thank everyone for allowing me to go to these events and hopefully I can attend more.

Margaret Harrison
July 13th-16th the Judicial Conference will vote on a new bishop.  One of the photos below may be our new bishop.

Comes from :Baltimore-Washington Conference

Born:   Shepherdstown, WV

Rev. Raphael Koikoi, pastor of Sharp Street Memorial UMC in Baltimore

No Children
Education and Honors
•Springbrook high school in Silver Spring, 1984
•Received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, Loyola College, Maryland, 1988
•Masters of Arts and an Advanced Graduate Specialist Certificate in School Psychology, University of Maryland, College Park, 1992

•Served on the Conference Council on Youth Ministries as a youth
•Certified Lay Speaker as a young adult
•Served on the Conference Conflict Management Task Force
•Student pastor to St. Matthews, Highlandtown
•Associate Pastor at Calvary, Annapolis
•May 2010, she was ordained as a full Elder

welcome our new Bishop...


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