WUMC Christmas Party


Mary Adams had planned on attending the party but went to the ER this morning. Prayers sent her way.
Dec. 7, 2013 the women of Henderson United Methodist Church gathered with their sister women of San Juan Methodist Church (Women United Methodist Church) for a Christmas Party.
  Everyone brought a gift to exchange.
We sang Christmas songs, one verse in English and then in Spanish. from our hymnals
A Christmas story of an orphan and an orange of his own. They read in Spanish and then in English scriptures from Psalms.
And then it was time to eat.
Blessing for the food was in Spanish    
  Spaghetti Rice
Chili Chicken Wings Meatballs

And deserts

apples German Chocolate Cake Banana split cake
Everything was so good.   So now to open the gifts.
Rules of this game is
Pick a number from the cup.

Number 1 picks a gift, opens it up.
Everyone sees what it is,
the one that has number 2 can take the gift if they like it
 and then the one that has the number before that can choose another gift.

  First gift was a blue throw with holiday words second gift was a leopard purse
Wanda had number 3 and so she wanted the purse. third  gift was assorted items. Cup, hot chocolate, tea, puzzle book, granola bars and a picture frame with a verse .
fourth gift was Lavender lotion fifth gift was oils and gum and Ricola sixth was perfume
picture frame a dream catcher seventh was footies and sachet
eighth was hand lotion in three fragrances ninth was a brag book tenth was a necklace and the book  about the orange.
We discussed whether to keep the meetings going or disband the group.
Everyone was in favor of keeping the meetings. And we will meet quarterly and discuss projects we can do.
  We had such a wonderful time, . Hope to see you all in church Sunday
Henderson United Methodist Church 2013