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Olmsted Manor Retreat Center is in the village of Ludlow, in northwestern Pennsylvania, surrounded by the Allegheny National Forest.
The buildings that make up the retreat center include the original Olmsted estate and more recent facilities built to accommodate the needs of our guests.

The grounds of the retreat center consist of 300 total acres, 30 of which are developed land. The Manor House, Groves Lodge, and the Carriage House, are available for guest use, with Hickman Hall serving as a meeting and conference area.  17 East Main Street, Ludlow, PA
We stopped here to eat in Spartanburg, Pa

Its called "the Barn Raiser" two kinds of meat, mashed potatoes, green beans and stuffing The salad bar is included Roll and Salad ( I could have had bean soup also)
And then I drove to Olmsted  I had to laugh, we stayed on 426 and still made it to 6
 and  to Olmsted


our room   the lounge and where the TV is.
Daisy and Ana were already here waiting on Mary Mary's here
complimentary coffee or tea information available even a fish tank
  our meeting room  
a larger meeting room    
    we sang songs and had prayers
October 18, 2014 Saturday    
Breakfast Sweet potato pancakes and sausage Oatmeal, hot chocolate, orange juice
Dancing to the song Happy watching the video on the computer tv and vcr
Turkish tapestry from Turkey Hallway to our meeting room Grove Lodge
out our room window patio outside our meeting room
and its time for lunch
outside door to our room    
Chili Grilled  Turkey and Cheese on different breads Chocolate Mouse
After lunch we had free time so we took a rest    
And I took this time  to visit the Labyrinth   The beginning - With one purpose, to talk with God
The middle - leave my troubles there God will take care of them The End - thank him for this journey and keep my promises Walking away it started to rain not hard, just a drizzle
We got together to do a craft
We took a walk and looked at the grounds  and the Manor
  room that can be used for church each room has a fireplace
stairways a bedroom with matching bathroom
window seat on the landing between floors old stove Dining table
In the basement an old fashioned "Dryer" A "Harry Potter" under the stairs door which leads to a bathroom
then it was time for dinner  
Salad with Ranch dressing and lemonade Roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy and glazed carrots Carrot cake with nuts
We gathered in the meeting room
and discussed our Spiritual Gifts.
October 19, 2014    
Breakfast after a good night sleep Oatmeal ,Orange Juice coffee or hot chocolate Eggs, bacon, toast and jelly
We decided to use the bulletin that Pastor Ray had printed for today. We followed the songs and scripture our church members would be using today in Erie.
But the sermon was not the same because we had "no idea" what he had planned to preach about. The music was right with our retreat theme of  Spiritual Gifts.
Melissa read scripture Daisy read the scriptures The elements were blessed
Mary  performed Communion for us Lunchtime Chicken pot pie and biscuits, Cole slaw and chocolate cupcake
After we finished eating, we said good bye to Melissa and Ana and Daisy. Mary and Kathy and I left for Erie.

2004 Camphausen Ave Erie Pa 16510


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