October 29, 2017

Henderson and San Juan went to Clarendon, Pa to worship with Trinity UMC. Glenwood UMC loaned us their van and driver Todd.
Walter and Dianne also drove their cars.

Walter drove Dianne drove
Glenwood's van was full Todd drove
We arrived
Pastor welcomed all of us Pastor Mary gave the message
Jesus played his guitar and the San Juan ladies sang
Eight different churches were represented today. God is good
Children's Time Pastor Mary asked the children what God looked like
Choir sang for us Jesus sang and Helen played the piano
What a wonderful service we experienced together
We gathered at the Fire Hall for a luncheon prepared by the members at Trinity UMC
A feast fit for a king
We had good food and fellowship
Jalita and Lazarus were given new winter coats  and they were happy about that.  Thank You Trinity UMC
We said our Thank You's and Goodbyes and headed back to Erie.  Hopefully next summer they will come visit us.


Henderson United Methodist Church 2017